Welcome to the Elarra Web Site!

Elarra is located between the Sonoma and Napa Valleys in the Mayacamas mountain range in northern California. The property supports a wide variety of habitats ranging from the old-growth forest and riparian corridor that follows Hooker Creek to the chaparral communities that populate the ridges. There are a number of rare plants found here as well as a wide range of birds and other creatures. The entire property (except the houses) burned in the 2017 Nuns Canyon fire and is in the process of regrowth. Here are some of the things that you can find on the site:

The Elarra Tour - A tour of the grounds

Projects - Chronicles of our construction adventures

Flora and Fauna - Featuring flowers, ferns, birds, and animals seen around the property 

Pets - Our cat Leeloo and dog Nyssa posing shamelessly

Misc - How to deal with poison oak as well as other pictures and stories from the mountain

Elarra is Australian Aboriginal for "Valley of the Moon"                                                                                                       send comments to webmaster@elarra.com